Not all removalists are experienced in office and commercial removals. In an office, there are many delicate electronic goods that need particular care in wrapping and packing. There might also be highly sensitive information stored both electronically and in hard copy that needs to be handled with the utmost security in place to ensure it doesn’t get lost or stolen.

If you need experienced office removals, we are here to help you. Our staff are highly trained commercial removalists who know how to safely pack up your computers, printers and copiers so that no damage is done to them and so none of the cords gets lost or mixed up.

Our office movers also respect the need for security and will ensure all filing cabinets are kept locked and safe from prying eyes during packing and travel.  We can wrap cabinets completely in bubble wrap from the top down if required. This will ensure no papers can fly out and will save time removing and packing files separately.

We offer our office removalist service of a weekend if required so that you will lose as little commercial time as possible. If we start packing on Saturday, we can usually have it unpacked and set up again by Sunday, allowing you to start work again on Monday morning.  This depends on how far it is to your new destination, however, taking advantage of a weekend to move will certainly save you time.

If you are looking for cheap office removals, we are the ones to contact.  To us, cheap does not also mean nasty. We provide a service that is professional and go the extra mile to ensure your office is removed to its new destination with everything intact and working at the other end. We are proud of our reputation for being trustworthy, reliable and affordable.

When you need to move, you need a reliable professional office mover who can be trusted to do a good job and take good care of all that office equipment, no matter what it is. We can pull it all down, wrap it up and pack it into the truck so it won’t move or be damaged. Then we will put it together again at the other end, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

If you give us your preferred floor plan first we will be able to place each piece where you need it so there will be no need for you to move heavy things around unnecessarily.  All you’ll need to do is walk in and start work.  Contact us today to have your office removals taken care of carefully and professionally.  You’ll be glad you did.